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Preben Wik

Preben Wik Preben Wik is Treasurer and one of the founders of Dolcotec.

Originally from Norway but now living in Sweden, he holds a Ph.D. in Speech Communication, with emphasis on computer assisted language learning (CALL), and computer assisted pronunciation training (CAPT).  His Ph.D. thesis “The virtual language teacher” can be downloaded here.

He also wrote a Master's thesis entitled: Building Bridges: A cognitive Science Approach to a Human Dolphin Dialogue Protocol.  It discusses some requirements for two-way human-dolphin communication to take place, and proposes the GAPR as a means to investigate the matter.

He is currently working as a knowledge engineer/solution architect with an international team of specialists developing human-like dialogue systems for various platforms, such as web, desktop, mobile, etc.

With a scientific background in Cognitive Science, Computational Linguistics, and Software Development, and being an authority on dialogue systems and human-computer interaction, this gives him the skill-set needed to design a technical solution to be used in two-way human-dolphin communication research.  Coupled with his research on Human Dolphin Communication Protocols, as well as his previous work on using speech technology for developing new and innovative tools for language learning, this puts Preben in a unique position to do groundbreaking research in the area of two-way human-dolphin communication.