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Kim Sørenssen

Kim SørenssenKim Sørenssen from Norway is Secretary of Dolcotec.  A multi-linguist holding a Master in social anthropology, Kim has extensive experience in facilitating success for multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural professional teams in Norway, China, Taiwan and the USA.

His work experience includes being Communications Manager for a hi-tech start-up company (Clustra Systems sold to Sun Microsystems in 2001); funding business incubators and managing NGOs.  Kim has worked as an inter-cultural consultant for design teams participating in international architectural competitions in China, achieving an Award of Excellence with one of the teams.

Kim actively uses photography as a communicative tool.  He is currently working on a long-term project, documenting threats to cultural heritage in Tibet, China, Afghanistan and elsewhere through a series of photo exhibitions.  In North-Western Canada, Kim is photo-documenting and practising extremely close inter-species interaction between grizzly bears and humans in the homeland of the Tlingit First Nation.  As a public speaker at TEDx, Kim has focused on the issue of overcoming ethnic divides.